Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cactus Garden Sailana

Medu Kakri of Ratlam
Terracota Durga for sale in Ratlam
Medu Kakri of Ratlam

Gardener in a pose
New bud of a cactus
Cycus buds

Backside of the Palace

New buds are colourful

Ganpati in Cactus

Naag phani with 5 hoods!

The gardener who maintains this place with utter devotion

Old Chhatri in the garden

Old guard of the Palace
Myself and my wife

Sailana Palace
Old Palace built in two phases
Old Palace
Old Palace

Cactus garden Sailana in Madhya Pradesh is just 20 km from Ratlam. It is one of the rare places where you can find a wide variety of cacti in different stages of growth and colours. The garden is about 50 years old but is so well maintained that if you happen to visit Ratlam,you must visit Sailana to see your self.

The Sailana palace is more than 200 years old but now it is in very poor state as none of the royal family members live there.

I visited this place on 21st Sept,2008 and am presenting you a glimpse of what I could see myself.